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Advantages of digitization; increasing compliance costs; real-time access and value add services ahead of account and relationship management, shifting to become a platform player; payments transformation (ISO 20022, PSD2); Upgrades orientated towards business outcomes and data driven; reduce TCO; finastra
Transformation in the way business and commercial banks are positioning themselves; banking has undergone a digital and technological transformation – a shift that has increased access to banking services for all and driven the effectiveness and efficiency of banking processes; real time execution of settlements or clearance; 360-degree views of the business; self-service capabilities across channels; better risk management; product provider, relationship builder, platform player; Report about  how banks are currently positioned, compared with how they expect to be positioned in 2025, based on their clients’ expectations and needs.
Connected Corporate Banking & Breaking down the Silos (CELENT Collaboration). Corporate banking plays a dominant role for the largest global banks. In 2016, corporate banking was responsible for 38% of overall operating income across the 20 banks included in Celent’s analysis. This report drills down into corporate banking performance and takes a closer look at segment revenue, customer segmentation, technology drivers, and software providers.
Connected Corporate Banking Insights. Persona based dashboards; Gain competitive edge by leveraging the power of data; data visualization dashboards; Improve operational efficiency; Cloud-first solution; Role-based access privileges.
Fact Sheet - Corporate liquidity management module; increased focus on cash flow, liquidity management solution, increase visibility, reduce risk and improve the availability of cash across the business.
Working Capital Finance Post Covid (CeF Pro Collab.); TRANSFORMING TO ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE IN TOMORROW’S NEW NORMAL; Changing Business Models; Digitalization; Supply chain finance.
Fusion Cash Management; liquidity optimization; international growth; real time expectations; omni channel solution; transaction ubiquity; receivables; cash flow forecasting; balance and transaction reporting; virtual accounts management; TPFA; Global Services.
Connectivity Opportunity; Open APIs and Smart STP; Optimized Onboarding; Connected Cash Management; Connected Trade and Supply Chain Finance; Connected Treasury; Connected Lending; Connected Relationship Banking; Mobile; Security, Reporting; Personalization; Integration; Workflow.
Extended functionality; automated workflows; tailored corporate experiences; Advance risk management; Scalable platform; transaction processing and financing; risk management; corporate interface; dashboards and reporting.
Working capital finance in the future; shift to digital trade; smarter compliance and risk distribution; faster innovation; end to end working capital finance; solution corporate channels; fusion trade innovation; future proof; global trade; finastra;
Personalization; CX automation; Smarter saving; Millenial engagement; flexible corporate banking.

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