Liquidity Management

Reap the benefits of optimal liquidity management by ensuring regulatory compliance, covering liquidity ratios, streamlining self-evaluation reports, and carrying out stress tests for a rigorous risk analysis.


Our commitment, ensuring your business' liquidity.

Secure both the present and future of your Institution by conducting stress simulations for potential scenarios.

Optimized management

Optimized management

Optimize cash, collateral and liquidity through a complete range of modules built to provide intelligent insight into large data sets.

Liquidity ratio management

Liquidity ratio management

Manage and report liquidity ratios in their correct formats and mitigate risk.

Cloud based

Cloud-based solutions

Our partnership with Microsoft Azure allows us to offer on-premise, hybrid or cloud-based solutions that enable growth at scale with faster time-to-market.

An innovative market solution for Intraday Liquidity management.

Planixs' Realiti is a solution which, through its suite of modules and analytics capabilites, enables you to capture, control and optimize your business' intraday liquidity, alongside your collateral and liquidity positions in real time.

Reduced implementation times.
Go onto the market in weeks, not months or years.

Predictive analytics and machine learning.

Millions of transactions every hour. Real-time view of cash, collateral and liquidity.

Extract, transform, and load (ETL) for any type of transactional message

Open pre-integration ecosystem for AI fraud detection and more.


Your trusted technology partner.

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